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What does Ajax DDSB School Board Trustee mean for Dameon?

We live in a first-world country and certainly, our education system should reflect that. For us to remain a first-world country,we need to have first-class education system. When we build and maintain a solid foundation for our education infrastructure, we are building a better country and a better quality of life for ourselves.  

Governmentboards of education, community and staff must work hand in hand to reach that goal. We need to develop our communication, tolerance and be open to ideas of others to build better and stronger education system. 

Some of the major issues that need to be addressed urgently are  


Children must be able to get the right support & resources that are needed for them to succeed. Help should be extended to the families as well. For it to work, the approach must be professional and holistic, and both must be given a fair chance. Children must have positive feedback. We should eliminate the negative connotation around mental health. Mental health hotlines should be utilized and kids should be encouraged to use them

2. We must have resilient and adequate resources for studentsfamily & staff.  
3. We want to keep kids at school while ensuring their health and safety 
4. We need to ensure that there is greater accountability to parents, student and the community through transparent, proactive, responsible and reliable leadership that provide the necessary supervision and guidance. 
5. We must improve the physical Infrastructure of our schools including addressing the need for proper and modern HVAC systems and proper ventilation