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Dameon Halstead 

Dameon Halstead is a youth activist. His passion for kids' education goes back to the time when he volunteered as a youth leader where he helped design and materialize camp activities for kids.

Dameon's passion for children's education grew as he did. He felt driven to do smoothing to help the youth so he became a member of a nonprofit organizationlocated in Ajax, that provides tutoring, sports activities and various classes to youth. 

Dameon is now part of several organizations that thrive to make positive changes in our society. He believes in the education system and sees a huge room for improvement; and believes that Government authority and school boards should realize that they are on the same side and that their goals are identical.

There is a gap that needs to be filled when it comes to school, board and government relations

Ajax School Board Trustee is a political party dedicated to upholding the political and economical sovereignty of Canada , the equality of all citizens, and the fundamental freedom and rights of individuals. To realize this philosophy, Ajax School Board Trustee strives to provide citizens with full access to information regarding state policies and leadership, elections, and other political activities.